[Fixed] jQuery News Ticker doesn’t show overflow text

10 07 2013

The ticker at http://www.jquerynewsticker.com/ is great, but what do you do when your text extends beyond the viewing window of the ticker? Shouldn’t the ticker scroll so you can see the rest of the text?



Github Fork: https://github.com/IsraelWebDev/jQuery-News-Ticker

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/israelwebdev/YsSpY/8/

How to Embed AJAX(!) Forms in Symfony 1.2 Admin Generator

4 05 2009

Based on a few informative articles, helping a veteran Symfony 1.0 programmer navigate through the 1.2 form structure, I was able to embed forms in an admin generated form based on a one-to-many relationship. See those articles at:

How to Embed Forms in Symfony 1.2 Admin Generator
Interactive embedded forms

For the sake of speed, though, I wanted to be able to add more embedded forms dynamically via AJAX before submitting the whole form. Here’s how I did it:

Adding the initial forms; on edit, load the related objects with a delete button; on new object or edit, add 3 blank embedded forms to start with.

// lib/forms/PoForm.class.php
public function configure() {
   $index = 0;
   foreach ($this->getObject()->getItemPos() as $book){
    $this->embedForm('item_pos'.++$index, new ItemPoForm($book));
    $label = "Item $index".jq_link_to_remote(image_tag('/sf/sf_admin/images/delete'), array(
      'url'     =>  'po/deleteItem?idd='.$book->getId(),
      'success' =>  "jQuery('.sf_admin_form_field_item_pos$index').remove();",
      'confirm' => 'Sure???',
  $more = $this->getObject()->isNew()?max(3,$a-$index):($a>($index+3)?$a-$index:3);
    $ip = new ItemPo();
    $this->embedForm('item_pos'.++$index, new ItemPoForm($ip));
    $this->widgetSchema->setLabel('item_pos'.$index,"Item $index");

  $label = "Item $index".jq_link_to_remote(image_tag('/sf/sf_admin/images/add'), array(
    'url'     =>  'po/addItems?po='.$this->getObject()->getId().'&index='.$index,
    'update'  =>  'sf_fieldset_none',
    'position'=>  'bottom',

  sfContext::getInstance()->getUser()->setAttribute('N1added'.$this->getObject()->getId(), $index);

The last item on our list gets an “add” image, which makes an AJAX call to add new blank forms.
You can see we also use a user attribute to store how many embedded forms are being displayed, so we know what index we’re up to when we add more forms, and we know how many forms to regenerate on error.

Let’s create the add and delete actions-

// apps/frontend/modules/po/actions/actions.class.php
public function executeDeleteItem(sfWebRequest $request) {
   $sub_category = ItemPoPeer::retrieveByPK($request->getParameter('idd'));
  if (!$sub_category) {return $this->renderText('Error '.$request->getParameter('idd'));}
  if (!$this->getRequest()->isXmlHttpRequest()){
  return $this->renderText('');
 public function executeAddItems(sfWebRequest $request){
  $po = $request->getParameter('po');
  $index = sfContext::getInstance()->getUser()->getAttribute('N1added'.$po);
  $form = new PoForm();
  $form->setWidgets(array('id' => new sfWidgetFormInputHidden(),));
  $form->setValidators(array('id' => new sfValidatorPropelChoice(array('model' => 'Po', 'column' => 'id', 'required' => false)),));
  $widgetSchema = $form->getWidgetSchema();

    $ip = new ItemPo();
    if($po) $ip->setPoId($po);
    $form->embedForm('item_pos'.++$index, new ItemPoForm($ip));
    $widgetSchema->setLabel('item_pos'.$index,"Item $index");

  $label = "Item $index".jq_link_to_remote(image_tag('/sf/sf_admin/images/add'), array(
    'url'     =>  'po/addItems?po='.$po.'&index='.$index,
    'update'  =>  'sf_fieldset_none',
    'position'=>  'bottom',

  sfContext::getInstance()->getUser()->setAttribute('N1added'.$po, $index);
  $this->form = $form;
  return $this->renderPartial('po/items');

The po/items partial is just a snippet from the auto-generated _form.php-

<?php foreach($configuration->getFormFields($form, 'new') as $fields): ?>
 <?php foreach ($fields as $name => $field): ?>
 <?php if ((isset($form[$name]) && $form[$name]->isHidden()) || (!isset($form[$name]) && $field->isReal())) continue ?>
 <?php include_partial('po/form_field', array(
  'name'       => $name,
  'attributes' => $field->getConfig('attributes', array()),
  'label'      => $field->getConfig('label'),
  'help'       => $field->getConfig('help'),
  'form'       => $form,
  'field'      => $field,
  'class'      => 'sf_admin_form_row sf_admin_'.strtolower($field->getType()).' sf_admin_form_field_'.$name,
 )) ?>
 <?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

Finally, we modify our form’s bind method to remove unused embedded forms, and link the rest to our main object-

// lib/forms/PoForm.class.php
  public function bind(array $taintedValues = null, array $taintedFiles = null)
      if(!isset($taintedValues["item_pos$i"]) || empty($taintedValues["item_pos$i"]['item_id']))
      } else {

    return parent::bind($taintedValues,$taintedFiles);

That should do it!
(In case you’re having trouble seeing the code, you can go here to see it all)

symfony embedded forms ajax

symfony embedded forms ajax

edit form example

edit form example

jQuery LTR/RTL News Ticker

25 03 2009

I’ve modified the wonderfully simple jQuery News Ticker, originally published here: http://www.gcmingati.net/wordpress/wp-content/lab/jquery/newsticker/jq-liscroll/scrollanimate.html

The ticker now allows for another parameter, rtl: true, to allow for Right-to-Left scrolling for applicable fonts (such as Hebrew).


Some of the original css syntax has been modified for stylistic reasons.

Usage: as original, or optional rtl parameter, such as

$("ul#ticker02").liScroll({travelocity: 0.05, rtl: true});