jQuery LTR/RTL News Ticker

25 03 2009

I’ve modified the wonderfully simple jQuery News Ticker, originally published here: http://www.gcmingati.net/wordpress/wp-content/lab/jquery/newsticker/jq-liscroll/scrollanimate.html

The ticker now allows for another parameter, rtl: true, to allow for Right-to-Left scrolling for applicable fonts (such as Hebrew).


Some of the original css syntax has been modified for stylistic reasons.

Usage: as original, or optional rtl parameter, such as

$("ul#ticker02").liScroll({travelocity: 0.05, rtl: true});



7 responses

25 03 2009
Gian Carlo

Very good job Zvi!!

17 07 2009


I have used this ticker I have a problem in this. When someone moves the mouse over it, it slows down. I don’t know how to make it move at the original speed. Do you have any idea.


19 07 2009

I didn’t notice a speed-down, but I did notice how the ticker starts over at the starting point, rather than continuing it’s path. I’ve updated the file, which can be downloaded using the original link.

5 10 2009

Hey Zvi,

nice job indeed!

I’m not a programmer and I was wondering if you have a version where the headlines can be displayed letter-by-letter (like on the bbc.co.uk website..)


thank you!

5 10 2009

Thanks Leo.
I couldn’t find this effect on the BBC site, but I think you’re talking about a Typewriter effect, also called TickerType.
You can find some code/demos at

You can do a Google search using the keywords about to find more resources.

On a side note, BBC has released their own Javascript library, like jQuery, strangely called Glow. You can find information about it at

3 12 2009

Nice work! I’m running into a problem, however (had the same problem with the original). It seems to be reaching a certain amount of characters or items, and then it just neglects any LIs after that point? Has anyone got any ideas on how to fix? I’ve tried messing with widths on the various containers with no luck.

3 12 2009

update: After adjusting the height, it looks like the LIs are wrapping for some reason (so they were out of the “mask” or viewport).. Now to find out why that would happen on something with no width…

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