Drupal Date API woes

8 02 2009

Programming and debugging are best when the product is accompanied by decent documentation. I recently had the pleasure of debugging a custom Drupal module which involved date inputs, etc.  A feature of this module stopped working, and the PHP error logs pointed to a missing function, date_select_input. Upon investigation, I traced it to the Date module, but couldn’t find it in my version. I looked to see if we were up-to-date, and when I realized it was, I thankfully found the documentation page: Converting modules from Date API 1.x to 2.x.  Apparently, the module was updated, and the new version deprecated this function with no backwards-compatibility. Thankfully, the client wanted to use the Jscalendar (Drupal 5.X) module, already implemented elsewhere on the same page, so we just had to replace the code with a different functioanlity altogether.