How to play an .asf stream on the iPhone/iPod Touch

24 10 2009

I loved adding my Shoutcast, AOL Radio and apps to my iPod, but I was bummed when I couldn’t play my favorite O&A stream on my Touch, because it was in .asf format. I’ve never been one to pay attention to file format. I mean, if my winamp lite couldn’t play any audio, Iwas sure there was a plug-in for it. But this darn iPhone…

Anyway, I looked for a bunch of solutions, but none of them worked. I gave up and tried again a few weeks later, and noticed something out the corner of my eye.

My video re-streamer, the only damn solution I could find to being able to browse my network and play networked files, supported re-streaming Internet Radio too, in any standard format my computer can play/decode. Thank you again Orb/Orblive !

It took me a while to figure out how to add it – I did it through the browser, but then I realized I can do it from my iPhone app. Anyway, thanks for almost getting it (almost) right iPhone.

[Yeah, I upgraded from my $12 mp3 player to a Touch – it just made sense for replacing my Palm Pilot too]



2 responses

15 11 2009
live radio

nice article……

keep it up…….

29 11 2010
Ted Sheckler

Awesome info – I was looking for the exact same answer, trying to figure out how to stream O&A on my iphone. I have the xm app, but I’m tired of signing up for a new trial login every week. Works like a fucking champ my friend.

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